Created by Lucy Ellis Dance Coaching and Kylie Norris #Norrisfit in 2019 – International Dance Technique is an exam Syllabus designed to develop plyometric agility, strength, fitness, flexibility and strong jazz technique in dancers of all ages and abilities.


Finally! A modern Technique exam syllabus created specifically for dance studios and dancers who want productive technique classes as part of their studio curriculum. IDT is also available for independent dancers who still wish to learn and sit an exam each year.


IDT includes progressive stretch exercises with emphasis on square splits and safe dance practice (without sacrificing the lines and shapes necessary for current technique elements).


Age appropriate conditioning exercises to strengthen muscles, increase agility, control and power in dance combos, training in all relevant Kick, Turn and Jump techniques, PLUS Combos and Choreography created by leading industry professionals from around the world. All IDT exercises are short, easy to teach and easy for students to learn and retain. IDT aims to keep the dancer motivated to reach their full potential as a technical dancer.


Lucy Ellis and Kylie Norris have been creating and developing successful dancers with exceptional technique for decades. After travelling the world coaching & choreographing, both are ready and excited to impart their knowledge to the dance community.


Hello studio owners, dance teachers, acrobatic coaches and anyone else who has found their way over!


It is with great pride that I present to you my acrobatic syllabus “ACROLINK by Greta Brinsley”. Since beginning gymnastics at 5 years old shifting disciplines to dance and acrobatics at 7, my passion has never wavered. After some preliminary years of assistant teaching, I was assigned my own acrobatic class on the Gold Coast. Acrobatics, teaching and the de-constructing of acrobatic skills came easily
to me and through the guidance of the many industry mentors I have had, I have been able to spend focussed and dedicated time refining my teaching methods and craft; my teaching recipe, as I like to call it.


As an ambitious dancer, merging acrobatics with dance has always been a goal of mine; conventionally gymnastics has a stop/start nature, however seamlessly incorporating acrobatic skills within dance in a way that allows the dancer to continue to move through the music and their body has such value in the added possibilities of storytelling.


When done correctly, acrobatics can be one of the most artistically creative sports to watch especially when combining with dance.


I hope that through ACROLINK, whether you: go through all the levels with your students and sit the exams, use it as a class recipe/lesson plan, or keep it as inspiration for different skills when you feel the kids need that little extra challenge that week; I hope it provides you with skills ready and able to be linked with your dance choreography, whether it be a musical theatre, lyrical or jazz-styled acro – the list could go on and on. I have been using this recipe with updates and progressions over my time and it has worked absolute wonders for the kids I coach.


I wholeheartedly believe in what I’ve created within the ACROLINK program and I hope it can inspire and excel the acrobatics in your studios and students, leaving audiences in awe of the beauty, strength, and courage it takes to be an acrobat.


Greta Brinsley


The IDT Syllabus will be broken into the following age groups with a Foundation level and an Extension level in each age group. We recommend students start with the Foundation level and then progress to the Extension level upon sitting their Foundation level exam. There is no limit to how many exams can be sat in one year. Studios are welcome to begin students at any level their ability suits, the age guide line is only approximate.




Petite GUIDE LINE 7-8


Junior GUIDE LINE 9-10


Pre Teen GUIDE LINE 11-12


Teen GUIDE LINE 13-14


Senior GUIDE LINE 15+


There is a once-off initial fee to secure rights to IDT Exercises plus the IDT logo and branding for studio use. You will be sent an official IDT License. You will not need to pay this fee again.


Dance Studio License

Able to be used by the studio business for an unlimited number of students

$330 registration fee

This also gives you access to TWO FREE TEACHER PASSES & ONE FREE STUDENT PASS (Valued at $750) for the IDT Teacher Training conference. These training sessions will be held in MELBOURNE, AUCKLAND & LONDON in 2020.


Independent Dancer License

Able to be used by a singular student only. Student does not have to belong or be associated with a dance studio. Independent license copyright is unable to be used by dance studio or any other businesses.

$150 registration fee

This also gives you access to ONE FREE TEACHER/PARENT PASS & ONE FREE STUDENT PASS (Valued at $450) for the IDT Teacher Training Conference. These training sessions will be held in MELBOURNE, AUCKLAND & LONDON in 2020.


IDT Website Portal

To receive access to the VIP Portal on the IDT website and be able to view videos of the exercises, Lucy & Kylie’s count break-down videos and tutorials, the examination marking criteria and be notified of updates and helpful tips for the classwork, you will be charged a monthly subscription. There is a minimum period of 6 months for sign up each year, after this time subscription is able to be cancelled via email to info@internationaldancetechnique.com




IDT Portal Only: $33 p/m AUD
AcroLink Portal Only: $33 p/m AUD
Both Portals: $55 p/m AUD


IDT Portal Only: $396 p/y AUD
AcroLink Portal Only: $396 p/y AUD
Both Portals: $660 p/y AUD


Includes access to all exercises and examination criteria plus ability to send in class videos for live voice over critique from an examiner 2 x a term.




Monthly Payments
Monthly Access Fee: $15 AUD


Annual Payments
Yearly Access Fee: $180 AUD


Includes access to all exercises and examination criteria.


It is not compulsory for your studio/dancer to sit their IDT exams.

If you do wish your student/s to sit an IDT exam, the exam time will be scheduled around your location. These are the approximate 2020/2021 blocks:

“Pilot Season” NZ- December 2019
UK/ EUROPE- June 2020
VIC, NSW, QLD- August 2020
SA, NT, WA- September 2020
NZ- November 2020
US & ASIA- TBC 2020

Also on the portal you will be able to enter your students exam groups and pay for your exams. This must be done 1 month prior to the exam date. If a studio has less than 30 students sitting an exam, that studio may be required to amalgamate with another studio’s exam block.

Mini & Petite exams $65 per student
Junior, Preteen, Teen, Senior $85 per student*
*(Includes FREE Goalz Dance Journal valued at $25AUD)

Online Video exam $50 per student

All exam fees include a 45min+ examination time, MP3 file voice critic summary from examiner with constructive feedback, score sheet with examiner notes for each exercise, certificate of level completion and IDT Pin/Trophy.

Exam entries and fees will be entered and paid online.


When submitting exam entries, please specify with Relevant Medical Certificate students condition and these will be taken into consideration and the student will be examined accordingly.

Students will be scored for each exercise. The students will be marked against an International Average and not just against the other students sitting the exam with them. Total marks will be given out of 100. There will be a Top 10 Highest scoring dancers for each AREA/STATE, COUNTRY & the WORLD in each age group.
DIAMOND SCORING DANCERS all go into the draw to win a $1000 Travel Prize which will be voted for online!
DANCE STUDIO with total highest scores across all ages will win a $1000 Travel Prize for the studio owner.


Students will be scored for each exercise. The students will be marked against an International Average and not just against the other students sitting the exam with them. Total marks will be given out of 100.



50-59 = HIGH SILVER- High Silver scoring dancers will receive an exclusive SILVER IDT PIN

60-69 = GOLD- Gold scoring dancers will receive an exclusive GOLD IDT PIN

70-79 = HIGH GOLD- High Gold scoring dancers will receive an exclusive GOLD IDT PIN

80-89 = PLATINUM- Platinum scoring dancers will receive an exclusive PLATINUM IDT PIN

90-97 = DOUBLE PLATINUM- Double Platinum scoring dancers will receive an exclusive Trophy

98-100 = DIAMOND- Diamond scoring dancers will receive an exclusive DIAMOND CRYSTAL trophy, tiara and prize pack.

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